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We all know how frustrating it can be when your toilet breaks, and sometimes the only solution is to install a new toilet. Or it may be you’ve decided to install a new toilet or repair an existing toilet as part of a renovation or it just tickled your fancy. Whatever the reason for deciding on a toilet installation there is one thing stays the same - it needs doing professionally.

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Toilet installation & repair

We offer a wide range of toilet installation and repair services from installing a toilet in a new position to replacing an existing toilet or replacing a toilet cistern. Whatever your need for a plumber is we can help.

  • Replace faulty
  • Replace faulty
    float valves
  • Convert toilet to
    silent fill
  • Covert toilet to water
    saving syphon
  • Convert toilet to push
    button flush
  • Replace a leaking
    toilet pan connector
  • Replace toilet seats
  • Plus much more...
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