Every plumber in Blackpool has some sort of offer, we only offer one thing - great value for money on all plumbing services.

Whether your pipes are blocked, or you need a complete plumbing system installation, whatever your requirements for a plumber are we can help. Our highly skilled, and helpful plumbers are happy to assist with any of your requirements - we always include advice on essential maintenance so that your plumbing system or appliance operates efficiently.

If you need a qualified plumber to contact and provide you with a free quote please email us or call on 07961 746015. To see what services our plumbers can help you with simply read on.

Our plumbers and heating engineers are available throughout the North West including:

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Pipes, traps, drains, & overflows

Whether you have a burst pipe, a blocked drain, or an overflow with an attitude problem, whatever your need for a plumber is we can help. We can help with any of the following and much more...

Leaking & burst pipes

Repairing burst pipes from extreme weather conditions or old failing pipe work replacement is essential to enable the functionality your home requires. Sink traps and components within the plumbing or heating systems may leak from old age, wear and tear or faulty installation - we can normally replace these easily.

Leaking trap repairs, unblocking sink traps, & more...

Reparing leaking traps or unblocking problem traps in slow draining baths or sinks will restore them to their proper functionality with a breath of fresh air. We can Install new traps or convert existing traps to incorporate dishwasher and/or washing washine waste removal systems.

Overflow repairs, unblocking overflows, & more...

Over time overflow pipes on your toilet or water tank can leak. We can repair or replace these problem pipes. Often overflow pipes from water tanks in lofts are unsupported which can be a potential problem if they start to overflow. We ensure all our overflow pipe installations are fully supported and frost protected.

Drain repairs, unblocking drains, & more...

Over time drainage can become sluggish and can even come to a stand still due to the amount of waste we produce from daily living. We can unblock drains that have become clogged, and repair drains and drainage units or even replace them with a new drain installation if required.

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