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The Pitfalls for Landlords Without Annual Gas Safety Certificates

Property-renters are being urged to ensure they have correct and up to date Landlord Gas Safety Certificates, after an abundance of recent legal prosecutions. A landlord in Chester was handed a £400 fine and ordered to pay £1000 costs for failing to produce a gas safety certificate. A landlord in Basildon received 150 hours of community service and £2000 costs for not correctly maintaining an Annual Gas Safety Check. Read More

Landlords Gas Safety Check, The Procedure

Landlord's Gas Safety CheckA landlords gas safety check is a necessity, for the safety of your tenants, but it shouldn’t be something to be afraid of. For a reasonable yearly cost, you can ensure peace of mind, and stay within the law. Here, we outline all the stages of a gas safety check and tell you exactly what to expect.

A tightness test involves testing all gas appliances (inclusive of pipework, appliances and the meter control) from the gas meter test-point, to ensure there is no gas escape outside of the legal limits. This comprises of; Read More

Gas Central Heating Installation – The Facts

central-heating-installationA large factor in many people’s decision between gas and electric heating is purely financial. Not just the initial costs but also the running costs. Now while it is true that there is an cost associated with installing a gas central heating installation into a building without an existing system, the fact remains that electricity currently costs more than 3 times more per kWh (kilowatt hour) than gas, which over time adds up to an exponentially larger cost.

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Gas Safety Certificates for Landlords

gas safety certificates for landlordsIf you are a landlord it is your legal obligation to ensure that your rental property is covered by a Gas Safety Certificate. This obligation is not transferable to the tenant and a valid certificate must be obtained before any tenancy can legally begin. The certificate covers the boiler, flue and any appliances within the property such as fires, cookers etc. Even if you are using a letting agent, the owner still retains the responsibility of maintaining services and safety checks of all gas appliances in the building. Fluid Plumbing can supply you with the correct gas safety certificates for landlords. Read More

DIY Plumbing – Slim down that water waste

diy plumbingKnowledge is power, and despite what you may be lead to believe about DIY Plumbing – it’s not as hard as you might think. The main focus of this post is to highlight some key money saving areas for the plumbing DIY plumbing novice/expert at home

Are you aware that you could make significant savings on your yearly water consumption by merely having the washers on dripping taps replaced? You could conserve a staggering 10-15 litres per day (that’s up to 5,500 litres PER YEAR) on any single tap in your household, which if you are on a water meter could not only save you considerable expense, but also be a worthy idea from an ecological viewpoint.

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