Gas boiler servicing must be done every 12 months, we carry out boiler servicing to all major boiler manufacturers.

All central heating gas boilers as a requirement must be serviced every 12 months to ensure they run efficiently and are not using too much gas. Many insurance companies insist on boiler servicing as part of their agreement, therefore it makes good financial sense to do it.

You may not need a visit from us as we are happy to talk you through some simple checks over the phone that may get your boiler working without the need for a call out.
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Gas boiler servicing

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Gas appliances, including gas boilers should be serviced annually. Your central heating boiler or combination boiler will be used pretty much every day so it’s important to keep it running efficiently and safely.

Your boiler may not need a full strip down service saving you money on service costs.

Prolong Boiler Life with Regular Maintenance

Due to the sheer vastness of models and types of gas boilers that are available in todays current market, it would be impossible to list them all therefore we recommend getting in touch with us and we can go from there, startinig with your make and model of gas boiler.

To see how we can assist you with your gas boiler servicing requirements please get in touch here or call: 07961 746015.

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