Boiler replacements can revolutionise your energy efficiency,
reducing cost.

As the age of your gas boiler increases it wastes a lot of valuable energy, with many boilers converting as little as 60% of expensive gas into heat. Not only can you imagine the impact but feel it too!

By comparison a condensing boiler from Fluid Plumbing can increase efficiency by up to 98%. The differences are noticable. If you would like a more efficient boiler, fitted and tested by an engineer that's experienced with boiler replacements click here or call: 07961 746015

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Gas boiler replacements

Boiler replacements

Replacing your old or faulty boiler reduces your carbon footprint, gives you a more efficient central heating system, most importantly - it could save you hundreds of pounds a year on your heating bill. The lifespan for a central heating boiler or combination boiler is normally around 10 to 15 years.

An efficient boiler will save money in the long run

The Energy Saving Trust recommends that your boiler should be changed every 15 years on efficiency grounds alone. By upgrading your old boiler for a new high efficiency boiler, you will save money on your heating bills.

New, high efficiency boiler models are more compact and much neater than older boilers and also have new technology which makes a big difference on fuel efficiency and water flow rates.

To see how we can help assist with your boiler replacements and help reduce your carbon footprint get in touch here  or call: 07961 746015.

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